ASICS Running Graphic Woven Jacket - Urban Black




非現貨,預訂約3星期到港,敬請留意 ~ASICS GRAPHIC 特色不規則線條及圖樣 ~右衣袖ASICS logo ~防風雨質料 ~連帽 ~側袋 ~設Peformance Black & Urban Black兩色 A lightweight shell jacket with graphics on the entire surface. The material used is a lightweight woven material that is windproof and water repellent to withstand some rain and wind. Ventilation installed on the back enhances ventilation. Equipped with convenient pockets for storing small items on both sides. It is a versatile item that can be used not only for running but also for various outdoor activities. 款式一覽 ⚠<注意事項>⚠ - 由於每部電子產品顯示器不同,均存在色差問題,如果對顏色比較在意,請謹慎選購 - 如訂單內包含預訂產品,訂單將於所有貨品到齊後一併發貨 - 除有預訂提示的貨品外,所有貨品均有現貨。確認款項後,1至3工作天內會發貨 - 有預訂提示的貨品,確認款項後,需大約3-4星期訂購到港(Pre-Order預訂產品除外)(以當時購買所顯示預購日子為準) ,如遇上缺貨,將退還已付訂金 - 運送路途遙遠,產品或未處於完美狀態,本店將盡力確保產品完好方會發貨